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Sammy's Sunday Message June 21, 2020
Delivered By
Sammy Castaneda
Delivered On
June 21, 2020 at 10:45 AM
Central Passage
Luke 15:11-24: 29-32
Joy in Prodigality

Joy in Prodigality

Luke 15:11-24: 29-32

I.  Prodigal

  • It means the spending of resources freely and recklessly; it is to be wastefully extravagant.

II. The Son

  • Asks for what he thinks he needs.
  • Spends everything and is now in need, hence "The Prodigal Son".

III. The Father and Prodigality

  • He is the prodigal because of the love and grace that flows in spite of the short comings of the son.
  • He spends in addition to what is needed or expected.  -Luke 10:35
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