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Alicia Higdon, Missionary to Indonesia 2015-2017

Alicia was in Papua Indonesia from August 2015-June 2017 serving at Hillcrest School as the school nurse.   Alicia's role was to support other families who were there to translate the Bible.  While there she lived in the town called Sentani, but was able to take several trips to other villages to offer medical support. 

Papua is the easternmost island in Indonesia, and boarders Papua New Guinea.  While Bahasa Indonesia or "Indonesian" is the national language it is no ones first language and not commonly spoken outside of the bigger cities.  Instead, Papuans speak one of over 800 indigenous languages, most of which have little to no scripture translated.

Religions in Papua vary from Protestant, Catholic, animism and Islam.  Because they do not have a Bible in a language they can understand many Papuans do not have a clear understanding of the gospel.  However, teams are currently working on translating the Bible into several other languanges. 


Currently Alicia is following God's call by attending college to prepare for her next mission. 

Please pray for Alicia as she readies herself for continued missions.